Gather around, young shitlords, and let uncle lp tell you about one of the most daring and powerful maneuvers available to a mid level content creator looking to achieve alpha dog status overnight. That’s right, I’m talking about the outrage slingshot.

What do I mean by “mid level”? Well in order for this maneuver to be effective, one has to have amassed a moderate following. Offhand I can’t really think of anyone that has effectively harnessed this technique without having at least a couple years of hard work in the game of building up their notoriety, whether your weapon of choice be blogging, youtubing or some other vehicle for expressing your views, nobody is really going to give a rat’s ass what you have to say if they don’t perceive you as someone that people listen to. After all, this is the internet and any asshole can sign up for a WordPress. So if you don’t already have at least a good hundred thousand followers, get out there and be interesting, then come back. I’ll wait.

Ready? Ok, as you’ve probably guessed by now, the outrage slingshot involves feeding on people’s outrage in order to get all kinds of media coverage and free viral marketing by useful idiots looking for fellow plebs to share in their outrage with.

Howard Stern - Private Parts
I’m sure you get the basic idea, but all the same let’s look at a couple of case studies.

Case Study 1: RooshV

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, you’ve probably heard tell of the evil legal rape meetups that were being organized by notorious slayer of punani, Rooshaldo H. Vanderlay, aka RooshV. Roosh is basically the ultimate teenage edgelord.

Although I had a passing familiarity with his website, Return of Kings, having had read a couple articles – just enough to know that they are essentially just another of the plethora of sites out there pushing a cult like mentality of philosophical tribalism; I had never heard of the man himself until he was headed for Montreal, my city of residence at the time, and people were trying to no platform him and he was greeted with a beer shower.

So, if you’re missing the salient point here, it’s that I was introduced to Roosh and his ideas…by people that hate him. The shitstorm that they kicked up back then was not much less than the one we have witnessed this week. That kind of publicity would cost millions. Probably. I’m not in PR, but you take my point. We have seen the same thing the last few days. Every time this guy plans a speaking tour or an event, there is such backlash that everyone and their dog has to weigh in on the issue. The people making all the noise are playing right into his hands, because no matter how despicable his views may be, there will always be that segment of the population that values free speech to the point where they will find themselves siding with the scumbag, and even if no new followers were garnered by such a media blitz, all that traffic to the website is money in the bank.

RooshV, free speech martyr

A new convert for Roosh

RooshV builds up his warchest

Honestly, this is not rocket science. Roosh’s followers clearly understand it, so it’s strange to me that the ones who are screaming for him to be silenced don’t understand the service they are rendering. If I’m being honest, I think that people’s desire to virtue signal trumps the damage that they must know they are doing, on some level, by giving this guy attention. People like Roosh should be ignored, but the righteous indignant just can’t help themselves. And if you didn’t know what Roosh did to receive all the hate in the first place, relax bro, it’s just a thought experiment.

Case Study 2: Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour, internet shitlord extraordinarI’m not going to belabor the point here, because I really don’t think this is too hard to grasp, but I do want to touch on Nicole Arbour because there’s an interesting facet to her story, as brought to light by rising youtube mega sensation GradeAUnderA. If you don’t remember Nicole, she’s the vapid, insipid, painfully unfunny bimbo that made that Dear Fat People video, a video that is going on ten million views.

If you watch Grade’s video, it should be painfully apparent that Nicole is the epitome of a fame hungry attention whore. She has no integrity and would literally say anything to get views. But here’s the salient point, before she was taking gratuitous swings at fatty-fatty-boom-booms, Nicole was making body positivity videos, trying to pander to them feel goods…and getting like 4 thousand views a pop.

Nicole is just a product of the outrage culture that we’ve created. She’s just giving people the righteous indignant outrage that they so badly crave. That one youtube video could pretty much buy her a new car. Not bad for a day’s work by a talentless hack. Decent rack tho, I will give her that.

That’s it, people can’t help themselves, the media doesn’t give a fuck, they are more than happy to push a false narrative about Roosh being pro rape because that outrage generates just as much traffic for them as it does for the next guy. People can’t be like Bill. Bill is a stick man drawing with more integrity and self control than the average idiot on the internet these days. So what are you waiting for? You might not have talent like GradeAUnderA, but you don’t need it!! Get out there and start pissing off the world. Do you like money? Because that’s how you get money.


2 thoughts on “The Outrage Slingshot – how trolling the righteously indignant became next level clickbait

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